"The freedom of jazz, the fieriness of flamenco, the elegance of classical music."

Three virtuosos, three alchemists, three velvetysound creators. Jerez Texas has been giving concerts around the world for over fifteen years, with more than 500 concerts in 25 different countries, often in company of other talented guests.

First, Jerez Texas is a trio of virtuosos, but it also represents the peculiar meeting between a flamenco guitar (Ricardo Esteve), a cello (Matthieu Saglio) and drums (Jesús Gimeno), being also the connecting point between many different musical universes including flamenco and jazz, classical and world music. Nonetheless, we could also depict Jerez Texas for its catchy tunes, its contagious energy and its subtle arrangements. Though beyond all these qualities one single word is enough to define the world of Jerez Texas: pleasure!

Both the pleasure shared by a group of musicians united through complicity with no cracks for over fifteen years, and the pleasure generously offered to a public ready to find an open door to its dreams, as shown by the enthusiastic response raised around the world, with more than 500 concerts in 25 different countries.
Jerez Texas has been performing in Spain, France, Mexico, Namibia, Guatemala, Honduras, China, Japan, USA, Qatar, Koweit, Panama, Nicaragua, Belgium, Haïti, Egypt, Tunisia, Soudan, Rep. Dominicana, Portugal, India, Ukrain, Moldovia, etc.

Group with variable geometry

As their meetings have gone on, the three virtuosos have surrounded themselves with other artists. Guided by human as well as musical alchemy, the trio has become a group with variable geometry, widening its initial style to a richer universe. On the albums and on tour, they invited some amazing singers like Isabel Julve, Josep Aparicio ‘Apa’, Abdoulaye N’Diaye, Ester Andújar, Arantxa Domínguez or Burguitos. They also invited some great musicians like David Pastor (trumpet), Carlos Sanchis (acordion), Denis Colin (bass clarinet), Gabriel Saglio (clarinet), Osvaldo Jorge or David Gadea (percussion).

This thirst for collaboration, associated with a fierce independent spirit, makes the Jerez-Texas path unpredictable. “We don’t even know ourselves where this adventure will lead us” confess the musicians. “There is no plan ahead. We use jazz as a bridge between classical music and flamenco, but, as we are not jazz musicians, we are a bit iconoclastic, we create our own rules.

Clar de Lluna, fifth album

For its fifth album, following Saó in 2005, Patchwork in 2007, Sun in 2010 and Viento y Marea in 2013, Jerez Texas has marked a comeback to the original founded trio, capturing live a memorable concert at the spectacular Roman Theatre of Sagunto, near Valencia. In the middle of antic ruins, in an uncluttered form notwithstanding full of warmth, the trio presented its very original musical essence.

Whether you are a professional musician or a music lover, its emotional outburst and delight will surely fascinate you.  A perfect reason to become immersed in the realm of Jerez Texas.


jerez-texas Clar de Lluna

'Clar de Luna (live)'
CD - 2017
(JT prod)

jerez-texas Viento y Marea

'Viento y Marea'
CD - 2013

jerez-texas Sun

CD - 2009

jerez-texas Patchwork

CD - 2007

jerez-texas live au Satellit

'Live au Satellit Café'
CD - 2006
(JT prod)

jerez-texas sao

CD - 2005