Chema García Martínez, El País
Jerez-Texas’ music is a small miracle, or a big one, depending on how you see it. It’s the type of music you would listen to all your life. (...) Jerez-Texas’ music isn’t flamenco, or jazz, or even flamenco-jazz, but rather something else that is difficult to describe, as there are no words that successfully manage to describe a dream. (October 2011)
A kaleidoscopic set where the fun takes over. (…) a collaboration to be reckoned with not only for their excellent performance but also for their ability to source their work from it’s authentic roots with originality and great clarity of ideas in their interpretation.”

World Music nº84 (Dec. 09)
The album Sun is a real gem, they are even better live as the trio makes it look easy which is a skill only great musicians achieve.” (feb 09)
I would say Sun without doubt is the best out of all their records, (…) the trio proposes the same fusion of flamenco, jazz, and refined music, achieving again an integration of all three languages which is admirable natural and inspired. Precious. (feb 09) - Coup de coeur de BabelMed
A solar and cheerful album, revitalising and festive, with much more jazz than the previous albums and that, without a doubt, like their other two albums, will receive a warm welcome from the audience and praises from even the harshest media outlets. One of the best Mediterranean musical discoveries of the past few years!

Emilio Garrido (Radio3 - Radio Nacional de España)
One of the two best concerts of the summer 2007 in Spain

Mondomix (March 2008)
They harmonise jazz and flamenco with effortless grace, enhanced by crystalline vocal exercises in Spanish or Wolof. Esteve, Saglio and Gimeno thus instil a feeling that a new folklore is being re-invented around the time-and-tested repertoires from southern Spain. (…) a treasure-trove of sensations.

Fip – album of the month (January 2006)
« This unique trio’s first album is a real gem. The ten tracks recreate both the intensity of their concerts and the communion which unites the musicians. If you haven’t already done so, FIP urges you to get to know the remarkable Jerez-Texas! »

Agencia EFE – (9 July 2006) – Concert review
«The Spanish group Jerez-Texas – who played at San Javier as a sextet – and the quartet from the American saxophonist Wayne Shorter have created a remarkable night of flamenco, classical music and jazz. The public, celebrating the 5th night of the IX Jazz Festival of San Javier in the auditorium of the Almansa Park, was delighted.
Jerez-Texas managed, at the end of the concert, to win the public’s warm and fond
recognition, greatly deserved, as if they were part of the family. A wonderful concert.

El Mundo (10 October 2003)
« Jerez-Texas brings together imagination and musical creativity, quality and skill. »